Ramon Vila Driving Events
Ramon Vila

From a very young age I have been attracted to adventure and the motor world, from cars to motorcycles. Throughout the years I have been developing a great love for the planet we live in and a huge respect for its people. My great passion for motorsport has led me to participate in multiple Cross-Country rally raid races including the Spanish Championship for 20 years and the Dakar Rally for 11 years driving off road cars. I had the pleasure to be the official pilot of the Spanish Nissan – Repsol team getting a 10th scratch position with a Nissan Patrol GR. All these adventures and have visited more than 100 countries have brought me values that have become essential both in my personal and professional life: * Always pursue excellence no matter the magnitude of the project * Take into account the smallest detail of each project * Require yourself to the maximum every day * Respect for the others and for the environment As taking risks and responsibilities is something I have been accustomed to since my very early professional career, I adventured myself to create the Driving Group, an integral group of companies managing Logistics and communications for car manufacturers around the world. If there is something I am convinced of, is that this group could not have been built without my team. An experienced, multidisciplinary team that is able to bring every project to life.